Is Less Exercise The Key To Weight Balance?


Exercising is a key part of weight management – just not too much.

From clinical and personal experience, I can tell you that over-exercising can do more harm to your weight than good. I see clients all the time who exercise everyday (sometimes twice) and still can’t lose the weight.

When you work out too much, your cortisol levels spike (remember, your body doesn’t know the difference between exercise stress and normal stress). Then, when you stress out about working out, your cortisol levels go CRAZY. And high cortisol means your body can’t burn off fat – it’s too busy trying to balance out your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.


I speak all about this in my new video – a must watch if you’re doing all the right things but still struggling to lose weight! Click below to watch ?




The key point to take away here? Overdoing the exercise may be making it harder for you to lose weight. If you haven’t shifted your weight by now with high intensity exercise, try cutting it back like I did and see if that makes a difference. A rested body is a healthy body – and it is incredibly important to commit to resting daily.


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